Nothing But Good News Radio: Women, Sex and Family

Women wear many hats. We are mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, entrepreneurs, and so on. Oftentimes we are the last ones we take care of and generally only when we absolutely need to. We seem to have a mindset if we put our needs above family and others, we are being selfish. Well that mindset has to STOP!

The first stop in regaining yourself, is the Women’s International Holistic Conference. Now mind you, this is not just another conference, this is a MOVEMENT for better HEALTH, more WEALTH & a HAPPIER LIFE!

Joining our favorite guest host, Hank Eder on the show are two strong, passionate, women who have dedicated their lives to healing, happiness and living!

Dr. Sonjia lives in Miami Beach with her husband. After years of trying to fix sex problems among her patients, Dr. Sonjia started focusing on how to make sex better, hoping people could prevent problems before they start!

Sex is the elephant in the room. No one talks about it and America suffers more sex problems than most developed nations. Good sex improves relationships and helps couples stay together. Long-lasting, fulfilling relationships are linked to better health, more happiness, increased wealth, and reduced risk for sex problems! Who wouldn’t want all that good stuff?

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Yvonne Haase has worked with many populations, but found the most fulfillment in working with children and adolescents. She began her professional career working as an in-home therapist for at risk children. Here she provided children and families with appropriate skills in order to foster a healthy family environment. Yvonne began an extensive career in working with Domestic Violence, both as a facilitator for the Batterers’ Intervention Program and as a therapist working with children exposed to family violence. Seeing the damage that is often created by divorce, Yvonne then became a qualified parenting coordinator to support families though this difficult time. She is also a member of the Florida Adoption Council and provides home studies to families looking to expand their family through adoption.

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About the conference:


Created by Dr. Elizabeth King, the Women’s International Holistic Conference is bringing 300 professional women together to break all of the rules. The program will feature dynamic speakers with expertise on subjects that really matter to women such as health and wellness, business, finances, sex, relationships, family and spirituality.

Our very own Kandee G will be there as one of the keynote speakers.

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