CEO Concierge Coach – Testimonial

It is invaluable to me to have Kandee G as my CEO concierge coach as it gets me centered, it centers me back to what is important. It reminds me of our vision and right values that can be lost so easily with distractions and day to day decision making. It is so important to have that one place where I can go to  help to shift the chatter in my head. It has been vital to me to have Kandee G as my CC Coach in these economic times because there is always a solution, but you can’t always see it. To have someone there to help me stay clearly focussed in the right direction has been not only our edge over the competition; but the key to our continued growth.

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A coach is a catalyst for change and all change starts with a vision.

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    Business leaders faces greater challenges than ever before. Competition is fierce, every day presents new challenges in the workplace and resources are limited. Top performers look to business coaching to help them achieve excellence.

    A coach is a catalyst for change and all change starts with a vision. CEO Concierge Coaching helps leaders develop clear strategic thinking to create appropriate thought patterns that will shape executive behavior and lead to desired outcomes. When the process of strategic thinking is combined with coaching it has a very powerful impact.

    You are where your thoughts have brought you; you will be where your thoughts will take you

    – James Allen.

    As a leader, where is your focus? Have you taken the time to create a great vision? Do you focus on where you are going or do you constantly see the fires and the pitfalls?

    Coaching offers intervention with an immediate feedback system. Clear thoughts are catalysts for action. Mindless thinking leads to mistakes that can alter the course and can affect the bottom line of a company.  CEO Concierge Coaching consistently provides the best ROI for our clients and the success their organization.


    Our program is ideal for C level executives, entrepreneurs, and other senior business leaders who are ready to realize their personal and professional potential. Clients typically seek out KGE when they are faced with a dilemma; when they have to make choices and decisions that have great impact for the short term and influences for the long term as well.

    Through cultivating and fostering personal relationships, Kandee G is able to serve as a confidant, coach and consultant to well-established CEO’s. KGE maintains a high level of professionalism and integrity, and all communications are handled in strictest confidence.

    The CEO Concierge Coaching Retainer Program gives CEOs and their teams one-on-one mentoring on developing their corporate vision, strategy, marketing, management, operations, exit strategies and corporate mergers. The goal of our program is to provide ongoing support to help maximize corporate performance and reach personal goals.

    We offer two options for Concierge Coaching:

    • Weekly: One hour telephone advisement sessions to coach the CEO on marketing tactics, corporate strategy, vision sustaining methods, mind matters, current obstacles and challenges.

    • We grant direct access to Kandee G for near immediate consults including three calls per week (up to one hour) for one-on-one coaching. Additionally, we offer unlimited e-mail communication between telephone sessions for advice and guidance on any business need or subject.

    Additional Concierge Coaching Options includes on-site coaching, consulting and team training packaged with the Vision Program, as needed.

    We will deliver both short term and long term coaching based on your needs. Our ability to understand a company’s culture and the challenges senior executives face, combined with the application of our Vision Program provide invaluable performance based results.

    To arrange a personal meeting by phone with Kandee G,

    Contact or call 1-888-526-3334