Gratitude – Testimonial (-Martha Aleman)

Reinforce my vision to continue, and be aware what I really want in my life, and my job. Be always on the top.

– Martha Aleman

Gratitute – Testimonial(– Ivett Varela)

The vision program has been an inspiration to me. It has taught me many things like for example be grateful, and positive in my life at work and my personal life. Kandee G, you are an amazing woman.

– Ivett Varela

Gratitude – Testimonial(-Marisela S. Cid)

Thank you for all the good things you have brought into our work place and our lives!”

– Marisela S. Cid

Gratitude – Testimonial(-Laura Elena Narvaez)

Always have a positive attitude in my life and in my work. Be grateful for everything. Thank you!

– Laura Elena Narvaez


In our daily lives, we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but the gratefulness that makes us happy.

Albert Clarke

Gratitude is the

forgotten factor in corporate America.
It is not just a feel good emotion.  The U.S. Department of Labor cited a lack of appreciation as the top reason why people in the United States choose to leave their jobs. According to Gallup, 65 percent of people in the U.S. claim they receive no praise or recognition in the workplace — a true statistic that is easily remedied.

When an employee believes their superiors are grateful for their work, they develop an improved sense of worth which leads to performance improvement. Gratitude is interactive and enhances the sense of well-being and goodwill among individuals and groups. Gratitude stimulates citizenship and organizational outcomes including improved work group productivity, enhanced sales team performance, profitability, and efficiency in all operational endeavors.

Cultivating gratitude and showing appreciation is a viable remedy for workplace negativity. When we feel appreciated, we are more positive about ourselves, our office environment, and our ability to contribute. Adding this one ingredient into the workplace can help shift employees to become more motivated, energized and productive.

What can you do to express your gratitude and appreciation more effectively to those around you?

At KGE, we teach effective ways to build gratitude and appreciation into your daily schedule. One of our clients sends e-mails with a compliment or thank you about a job well done to his employee’s desk. Isn’t that an easy thing to do?

KGE builds Gratitude and Appreciation into our Vision Program because we know the outstanding benefits of being grateful.

Effectively applied in the workplace, gratitude impacts job satisfaction, loyalty, and citizenship behavior, while reducing employee turnover and increasing profitability and productivity.

Grateful individuals report higher levels of life satisfaction, optimism, greater energy and connections with other people. The practice of gratitude is the key to reducing stress and consequent related healthcare costs which could bring great dividends. Gratitude is the single most important factor in increasing organizational citizenship and workplace collaboration.

  • Do You Measure Up as a Grateful Leader?
  • How frequently do you express appreciation in the workplace?
  • For how many circumstances in your life do you feel grateful?
  • Does your gratitude positively affect others?
  • Are you a positive influence in your organization?

KGE teaches leaders and all workplace stakeholders the SV2 Formula for Success which incorporates gratitude and appreciation. Value-centered gratitude leadership produces results for all members of organizations, including the opportunity to increase goodwill and citizenship behavior. Gratitude research clearly shows that many benefits come to those who express gratefulness. Isn’t it time for you to put gratitude to work in your organization?