Vision & Value – Testimonial

Being a new employee, it was exciting and intriguing to personally hear Dave Bassett’s (CEO of Amerijet) vision and goals. I am now more committed to work for this company and to help it grow.

– Carl Andersen

Vision & Values – Testimonial

I came into this program not knowing what to expect. You not only taught me how to use positive thoughts to make the most of our workplace but you showed me how to take my fears, weaknesses, and insecurities and turn them into a powerful tool to improve my personal life. I would love to attend some of your speaking forums. Please keep me posted.

– Arlene Rivera

Vision and Values – Testimonial

The Vision Program has helped me to have a look at my professional and personal life and to help me accomplish the things I want to achieve.

– Andrew Hall

Vision & Values

Shared Vision-Shared Values

Shared Vision-Shared Values (hyperlink to free vision resources) cultivates a commitment as opposed to compliance.  Corporate success requires a commitment to a definable vision that influences individual behavior and productivity throughout the entire organization.

To affect real cultural shifts within an organization, change must be made from the inside out. The Vision Program is founded on scientifically documented cutting edge training methods that re-educate the subconscious mind to activate the unlimited potential within each member of the company. The Vision Program creates a specific, emotionally charged vision that permeates the entire organization generating an atmosphere of cooperation, collaboration and cohesiveness. Productivity and increased performance are easily attained and sustained with The Vision Program’s unique strategy for ongoing success in a 40 Day Action Plan. Values are more important than ever before because businesses and organizations are impacted by a constantly changing world.  A recent Gallup Poll reported in USA Today that values, not the economy, are now the nation’s number one concern.

What are the values upon which you will build your organization for the future?

How can you make sure your organization is vision-driven?

A results oriented vision with collaborative values involving all key stakeholders becomes a living, breathing, engaging vision that changes thinking, perception and actions on all levels.  This, combined with the 40 Day Action Plan facilitates lasting outcomes in productivity, enhanced sales team performance and profitability.

Time and again, we have found that a shared vision unifies the entire team and exponentially creates power, purpose and enthusiasm throughout the entire organization.

A Corporate Vision is essential in any strategic planning initiative and is a vital component necessary for creating sustainable growth. We offer a proven method to create full engagement within a company by delivering a clear and powerful vision built on key stakeholder consensus and strategic alignment. The Vision Program is crafted as a co-creation process designed to elicit a deep level of commitment and performance.

Kandee G and the G-Force team will help your company:

  • Build a shared vision that inspires commitment and performance
  • Craft a strategic value based approach to business that inspires excellence
  • Turn potential into performance by implementing a proven process that sustains the vision and values
  • Create a coherent “field” around the organizational mission.
  • Articulate the future role and destination of the company through the SV 2 Formula for Success.