40 Day Action Plan – Testimonial (– Terry Gurley)

Put me back on track with the principles that I know & love. It helped me shift my energy both professionally & personally. I feel inspired to move forward in my life & I look forward to beginning our new 40 day program.

– Terry Gurley

40 Day Action Plan – Testimonial (– Claudia Washington)

“Kandee, you were just on my mind and I had to sit down and send you my thoughts in writing about G.A.M.E.S weekend. Your program has changed the direction of my life forever. The knowledge you imparted is priceless and will always be a part of my daily walk. My reclamation tape is in my car and I listen to it daily. I feel closer to realizing my dreams than I ever have before.
Carita Montgomery. The 40 day program provides reinforcement to continue visioning a successful and positive life.

– Claudia Washington

40 Day Action Plan

One of the most outstanding aspects of the Vision Program

is the 40 Day Action Plan.
It is designed to drive the vision throughout the entire company by providing specific reinforcements that keep attendees accountable to the SV2 Formula for Success.

We insure that each attendee has a clear understanding of the vision and goals of the company with emphasis on how to align and integrate the vision with continuous and ongoing reminders and initiatives.

After The Vision Program is completed and certification is awarded, the action plan will be implemented to meet the unique and specific needs of your organization.

We will reinforce the core values, empower ongoing relationships and guide the attendees to employ disciplined action to sustain the momentum, commitment and success.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Peter Drucker