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Kandee G’s success tools have helped millions across the globe to live remarkable lives and to excel in all areas of personal development and developed over the past 15 years

Kandee G’s success tools have helped millions across the globe to live remarkable lives and to excel in all areas of personal development and thought transformation. Our store offers a variety of products that have been developed over the past 15 years and will motivate you to take action and achieve greater happiness and success and live the life you have always envisioned. Take a look… you’ll love what you see.


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The Journey Movie

The Journey Movie featuring Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, Kandee G and more, explores one man’s extreme challenges and how his inner voice transforms ordinary conversations into extraordinary discoveries.
Price: 29.95

Book Store

Walking with the Wise: Entrepreneur

Many profound answers can be found in “Walking With the Wise Entrepreneur”, which provides practical secrets and business strategies from best-selling Authors and Celebrities including; Donald Trump, Wayne Dyer, Chuck Norris, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dan Kennedy, Suze Orman, Brian Tracy and motivational thought transformation coach Kandee G.

This addition to the extremely successful anthology is published by Mentors Publishing, publisher of the popular Mentors Magazine. The inspirational 320 page tome features 55 insightful chapters covering a myriad of wisdom and real-world secrets to prosperity in business and life. The book is a veritable “Who’s Who” of inspiration and guidance.

Price: 16.95

Now Boarding: Next Stop Your Remarkable Life

In Now Boarding, Kandee G shows you how to:

  • Find and unleash your creative genius
  • Focus and act on your dreams
  • Find your biggest stumbling block
  • Discover personal prosperity—what it is and how you get it
  • Learn the one rule you must follow to guarantee success
  • Discover your own personal motivator and partner in creativity
  • Learn the powerful tool of Reclamation™
  • Learn how the PPT Factor™ can change everything Reclaim your remarkable life and order now!
Price: 24.95

Audio Store

Kandee G Presents: Personal Success – 4 CD Audio

personal-successThis personal success training course is equivalent to a two-day instructor led course.

It will teach you to make the choice to be rich, create a vision for your life, discover what is stopping you, learn to say “yes” to opportunities and much more.

Price: 97.00

Now Boarding: Next Stop Your Remarkable Life – Audio CD

now_boarding_cdKandee G takes you on an inspirational journey of self-discovery with her new book, Now Boarding. You, too, can learn the guiding principles of success and apply them to your own life.

Discover your personal creativity and act on your dreams . . . and you’ll be ready to reclaim your remarkable life!

Price: 27.95

In The Game with Kandee G and Les Brown – Audio CD

audiobook_in_the_gameJoin Les Brown as Kandee G speaks about how she created her own success with no working capital. She gives you secrets to real success andpersonal prosperity based on her own 25 year path of study.

Price: 19.97