Vision Certified

Become A Vision Certified Company

After your organization completes The Vision Program and is acknowledged as an SV2 Company, you will be awarded the Vision Certification Seal which sends a distinctive message to other companies that you have committed to creating a collaborative work environment that propels a clear and sustaining vision throughout your organization.

The Vision Program training involves all key stakeholders and becomes a living, breathing engaging vision that changes thinking, perception and action on all levels. This will proliferate throughout the organization and become the unique hallmark that brings you unparalleled commitment, performance and success.

The Vision Certification Seal is granted with the highest accolades for the entire organization which honors and recognizes the shared vision, shared values philosophy as an integral part of the workplace. With the SV2 Formula for Success fully incorporated throughout the organization, each stakeholder will be empowered to carry this certification with pride and to infuse the training into all aspects of the job.

In a market that holds seemingly infinite choices, by becoming an outstandingly unified company that is united by a shared vision, you will garner the competitive edge that sets you apart from the rest.

At Kandee G Enterprises, Inc. we have had the distinguished honor of generating unprecedented sales, profits and performance with hundreds of organizations throughout the world.

We are proud to offer Vision Certification knowing that your company will gain the competitive edge and prosper by the power of collective visioning.


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