Nothing But Good News: Women in Wishes

After finding herself in a life challenge, Kelly Cappola realized there was a lack of subsidy and alternatives available to middle class women and their children. Kelly made a conscious decision that once she was strong enough mentally, physically and spirituality, she would create an organization that would help women in similar situations.

In 2007 Kelly followed her heart and with unwavering faith and determination founded Women & Wishes. Sharing her vision with close friends, she set out on the mission she knew was waiting for her.

Women & Wishes is a unique non-profit organization that assists middle class women and their children during temporary challenges. They refer to these temporary challenges as a “bump in the road.” These women do not qualify for federal or state assistance. Providing them assistance to move past the “bump in the road” may be the difference between becoming another statistic or getting back on track to continue a healthy and productive life.

Join Kandee G and Kelly for a very moving episode of Nothing But Good News.


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