Nothing But Good News: The Thrillionaires

What if you could do whatever you wanted no matter how outrageous? My guests today do just that. Imagine being in line to travel to space and live in the International Space Station!

The Thrillionaires have made it their passion and purpose to help others realize their dreams and goals.

Our Guest: Ridgely Goldsborough

Author/speaker Ridgely Goldsborough (known in Latin America as “Richeli”) has written eight books in the last five years (The Great Ones, The Power of Belief, Master the Mind Game, Principles of True Wealth, and a number of others) and produces a column entitled A VIEW FROM THE RIDGE that is read across North America and around the world on over 30,000 websites (in Spanish it is titled Revista Richeli). He is the television show host and creator of the acclaimed series Modest To Millions, a program that chronicles the principles of prosperity, success and wealth accumulation according to self-made individuals who began from modest backgrounds and went on to extraordinary achievements.

Our Guest: Nik Hallik

Nik Halik is the founder of the Financial Freedom Institute, Money Masters Global and co-founder of The Intelligence Group of companies. He is a global wealth strategist, successful entrepreneur, international speaker, astronaut, high adrenalin adventurer and best-selling author. Among his various expeditions, he was one of the first explorers to dive down five miles and land on the bow of the Titanic. He has summited the highest mountains in the world and was one of the privileged select explorers in the world to view the curvature of the earth from the edge of space. He is the very first flight qualified and certified civilian astronaut from Australia and is also set to become the first ever Australian and private space explorer to rocket to outer space and live on Earth’s only manned outpost in orbit, the International Space Station. He currently resides amongst his private homes in the Greek Islands, Morocco, Los Angeles and Australia.


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