Nothing But Good News: Shawn Snyder

“Shawn Snyder’s original acoustic folk-rock is lyric-driven, with an organic simplicity, utmost sincerity, and unmistakable groove” (Beat Magazine, Melbourne, Australia), soulful…ly blurring the lines between folk, rock, jazz, and blues. Whether treating audiences to an intimate solo-acoustic performance or collaborating with other musicians, his live shows are always impassioned and expressively earnest. Shawn considers among his influences the likes of James Taylor, Paul Simon, Lyle Lovett, Martin Sexton, Tom Waits, John Gorka, Patti Griffin, and Louden Wainwright III.

A relatively recent Harvard graduate (with a degree in Religion), Shawn has opted to make the most out of his diploma, by pursuing a career as singer-songwriter. Now twenty-six years old, he has been playing the guitar from the age of five and writing music since he was thirteen. Only in college, however, with the mentorship of seasoned singer-songwriter Livingston Taylor, did Shawn up the ante on his own musical endeavors; bringing his songs beyond bedroom walls and to the receptive ears of others in coffee shops, on the street, at music festivals, and in clubs across the country (and around the world).

Whether mining the internal world of love, heartache, and soulful striving, or playing storytelling curator to his eavesdropping on the world at large, his observations are always colored with his unique perspective: an affirmation of life, hope, and beauty in the face of sadness and struggle.

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