Nothing But Good News Radio:A Gratitude Movement

Can you really change your life just by living with an attitude of gratitude?

Today’s guest sure thinks so!

Coach Shantel Springer is a Mother, a Wife, a Thought Transformation Coach and an International Speaker. Not to mention a woman who changed her life by creating a “Healthy Mind”. She coaches her clients on the restoration and reprogramming of toxic mindsets by using proven techniques of neuroplasticity, a process that restores and heals the mind. Coach Shantel believes that “you have to go there in the mind first before it ever shows up in your life.” Through proven techniques of meditation and prayer, she guides her students with her method of “Gratitude Shifting”. A radical process used to shift your thoughts from what you don’t want to what you fervently desire. “My mission is to start a Gratitude movement.”

Join guest host, Tracey Tarrant and Shantel Springer and find out how you can change your life by changing your mind.


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