Nothing But Good News Radio: Wildly Positive

kartick and beccaWe have a pretty inspirational double header in this week’s show.

Kartick Satyanarayan is the co-founder of Wildlife SOS. He along with his partner Geeta Seshamani achieved the ‘impossible’ by ending a problem that had lasted for hundreds of years. In less than 10 years they solved the ‘dancing bear’ problem in India.

Kartick is known for his undercover work that has led to the capture of many infamous poachers in India. His anti-poaching work has caught tiger, leopard, bear, reptile, bird and various other poachers who are tapping and or killing wild animals to be bought and sold usually in foreign markets

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Rebecca Zerbo is a 13 year old victim of middle school bullying. Though the bullying incident itself did not last long, the effects did. Then one day Rebecca decided to create a positive affirmation she could carry around in her pocket to help her feel better.

Thus, Positive Pockets was created.

Today the 13 year old CEO spreads positive messages wherever she can.

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Join Kandee G and for an inspirational hour of saving lives…human and animal.


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