Nothing But Good News Radio: We All Need Inspiration

What is it that moves you deep down inside to do the things you do? What is your “Why”?

All too often we move through life blindly, like robots. We fall into a rut and live the same routine day in and day out. Sometimes, life gives us a hiccup that causes us to realize our true potential. Othertimes, our true calling comes upon us happenstance.

What greatness can one achieve when they are truly inspired and living for their passion, their purpose?

Allyson Lipnack is one of those people. Going through a rough divorce, she realized life needed some changes. After watching an infomercial with one of the great motivators of our time, Tony Robbins, Allyson began a journey of soul searching. She realized her passion was simple, to inspire others.

“I have often been told that I have the ability to inspire others with my positive outlook on life. I finally realized my true gift – my ‘Why’.”

Allyson is committed to guiding people to realizing all their goals & dreams with her unique “Vision Board” workshops and daily Inspirations. She is very passionate about “Inspiring Others” to live the life of their dreams.

Check her out on the web:

Join guest host, Hank Eder and Allyson as they explore the infinite possibilities when it comes to inspiration and being inspired. And who knows – your inspiring moment could happen during this amazing hour!



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