Replay: Nothing But Good News Radio: Suits, Lipstick and Stilettos

You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Or can you? That old expression has been pounded in our heads over the years by society. The truth is, you can have health, wealth, wine and sex!

Yeah we said it…sex! With proper balance your life should be full of abundance and sizzle in all areas.

We all wear many hats…parents, employees, business owners, spouses, partners, siblings…the problem is, most of us work hard in one area, and let the others slide. When one area is lacking, life is off balance. Get it in balance and watch out world!!!

Well Kandee G and Dr. King have it figured out. These two ladies know how to have their proverbial cake and eat it too! Tune into to a sizzling episode of Nothing But Good News Radio and walk away with some tools to put your life back in balance.

About Dr. King:

Dr. Elizabeth King is the founder and CEO of International Holistic Center. She is considered as a top wellness expert. She is a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, , empowerment strategist, speaker and adjunct professor at professor at Nova Southeastern University. She hosts her own internationally recognized weekly show, “Dr. King’s Health Fusion Hour”. She is getting ready to launch her first book; “Dr. King’s Simple Guide to Holistic Health” as well as her own signature lipstick line “DRK”. Last but not least, she is excited to be producing her brainchild empowerment women’s conference- ”Suits, Stilettos and Lipstick: The Balancing Act” .

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