Nothing But Good News Radio: They’re At It Again!

Kandee G and Dee Wallace are joining together once again on Nothing But Good News Radio and when these two friends get together, nobody knows what’s going to happen!

You saw her first in the ET: The Extraterrestrial, the movie touched all of us, and then Cujo, The Howling and more. More recently you might have seen her on television in Grey’s Anatomy; Cold Case; Without a Trace; Ghost Whisperer; My Name is Earl; Criminal Minds, Saving Grace, Law and Order, Los Angeles.

But Dee Wallace comes to our show today, not just as one of Hollywood’s most successful working actresses, but as a globally recognized spiritual teacher and healer. Through her unique style of intuitive acting, Dee discovered the spiritual wisdom that allows her to live an inspired and creative life that mirrors her hopes and dreams.

Check out Dee’s website:


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