Nothing But Good News Radio: The Power of Personal Truth

Learn how the transformative powers of personal truth helped both Blake and Rick stop self destructive behavior and redirect negative energies into positive, life affirming actions.

After James Frey authored A Million Little Pieces, a book that Oprah had highly endorsed; it was discovered by Smoking Gun that this was not James Frey’s life story as he claimed.

Listen to one of the real characters whose arrest report found by the Somking Gun helped to prove Frey’s novel as a lie. Someone who was indeed a classmate of James Frey. Blake Liebeskind shares the real story about how criminal charges (see Blake’s arrest report on Smoking Gun) and witnessing his mother’s death at the hands of an unethical physician helped him turn his life around and dedicate his energies to helping others receive ethical medical treatment.

Reflect on the power of community when Rick Finkelstein reveals his journey through addiction and recovery and what compelled him to write his collection of poetry that takes the reader through an interactive journaling process. Compelling, provocative, educational; this book is for anyone whose life has been touched by addiction.

Absorb the lesson of possibilities when these two people, Blake and Rick join forces in their desire to give back to their communities.


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