Nothing But Good News Radio: The Key to Quitting Smoking

More than 440,000 people die each year from diseases related to smoking cigarettes.

Have you been trying, without success, to quit smoking? Do you quit for a few days and then fall back into your old habits, lighting up whenever the mood strikes? Does quitting smoking make you so irritable you decide it’s easier to smoke? (And your family and friends agree?)

It doesn’t have to be this hard. Dr. Scott Rosiere, behavioral health expert, has THE secret to quit smoking. That’s right. No more false starts. No more, “I’ll quit tomorrow.” No more excuses. Just a cigarette-free life. A life where you will breathe easier, look better, feel better – and live longer.

If you have struggled with nicotine cravings, willpower, and breaking your old habits, this show will be a breath of fresh air. Tune in when Kandee G talks to Dr. Scott Rosiere about his revolutionary methods to quit smoking.


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