Nothing But Good News Radio: Teen Bullying

Bullying among our youth is a significant problem–and it is steadily increasing. Many experts fear bullying has become so widespread and common, adults are blinded to its extensive harm.

In the recent “Ask the Children” report, a nationally representative group of 1,001 young people in the fifth through twelfth grades revealed the following staggering facts on bullying:

• Two-thirds were teased or gossiped about in a mean way at least once in the past month
• Over half have teased or gossiped about someone else at least once in the past month
• Almost one third have been bullied at least once in the past month
• Almost one quarter have bullied someone else at least once
• Almost half have been hit, shoved, kicked or tripped at least once
• Nearly 20 percent have been hurt physically five times or more

Today’s guest, Gay Lynn Williamson-Grigas, is an author, psychologist, educator and mother of five children. Gay Lynn has a Masters degree in Psychology and member of the American Psychological Association since 1992. Her most recent manual and training system Trigger-Proof Your Way To Success: 12 Tools to Keep Your Cool and Confidence, addresses the issue of bullying in school, at work, and teaches people of all ages how to successfully hold on to their personal power and keep their peace of mind.


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