Nothing But Good News Radio: Tap Into Your Inner Superstar

We are all born with an inner super star. However all to often it gets suppressed. Kandee G and guest, Bobby Donohue, are going to help you reach that inner super star so you can begin to live the life you’ve always dreamed.

Kandee G tapped into her inner super star and went from a broke, single mom down to her last jar of peanut butter, to an international speaker, trainer, author, movie star and producer. Not to mention she travels now mostly by private jet.

Bobby Donohue tapped into his inner super star and has formed several companies designed to help you reach your potential.

Be A Rock Star is a law of attraction reality web tv show chronicling one couple’s journey trying to deliberately create their lives and businesses. The show follows the lives of Bobby and Laura Donohue as they use the law of attraction, deliberate creation and the art of allowing to design all aspects of their lives: their marriage, their family life with their kids, their home, their health, and especially their businesses. Bobby is an artist and musician learning to implement all his skills into his businesses.


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