Nothing But Good News Radio: Saved by a Stranger

Fact: Over 110,000 people are waiting for an organ.
Fact: 18 people will die each day waiting for an organ.
Fact: One organ donor can save up to 8 people.
April is organ donor month. Last year alone, organ donors made more than 28,000 transplants possible. Another one million people received cornea and other tissue transplants that helped them recover from trauma, bone damage, spinal injuries, burns, hearing impairment and vision loss.
Unfortunately, thousands die every year waiting for a donor organ that never comes. You have the power to change that.
“Sean was such a special son, a kind and loving young man and I know that he approves. Working with Life Alliance has been the best thing for me. It has given me peace and reassurance that I chose wisely. My father and my husband were able to donate corneas at the time of their death, and my son Timothy talks about donation to his friends and fellow Marines as well.

My nursing career gives me the opportunity to educate my colleagues, nurses and doctors as well as the techs and anyone else who would like to know about this wonderful gift. As a donor mom, I can truly speak to my patients and their families when the question arises.

It has, and continues to be the link that keeps me connected to all my loved ones that have given this most precious gift, I thank God for giving me this opportunity to educate and share whatever I can, whenever I can. As the old saying goes, when HE closes a window, HE opens an door. I have been blessed to have walked through that door. – Barbara”

Join Kandee G and her special guests and learn more about what it means to be an organ donor and how you can help save the lives of others.
For more information on how you can become an organ donor please visit:


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