Nothing But Good News Radio: Manifest the Life You Want in 7 Days

WE are DIVINE! Yes, Divine creatures who can create, manifest, form something from nothing!

What if you could begin manifesting the life of your dreams in just 7 days?

In as little as one week, you can be well on your way to creating your perfect life.

Kandee G and author, Freda Chaney hit the airwaves to give you a start in the right direction.

Find out:

How your lifestyle could be affecting your ability to manifest.
How you have to start with getting to know yourself.
Why multi-tasking can be detrimental
And so much more.

Join Kandee G and Freda as they discuss her new book, 7 Days: Manifesting the Life You Want.

Check out Freda and get your copy of her book on her website:


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