Nothing But Good News Radio: Making Optimism Contagious

It’s so easy in life to focus on the bad, the negative. It seems to take effort for many to focus and accept positivity and be optimistic. Naysayers say they are just being “realists” when in fact they are living their lives in a negative space.

When you live a life of positive thoughts and optimism, amazing and wondrous things occur. Doors open that you never thought possible. People come into your life at just the right time. Abundance occurs.

Kandee G’s guest this week has been inspiring and uplifting people with optimism since his childhood.

David Mezzapelle is the author of the Contagious Optimism book series, a compilation of extraordinary stories from ordinary people around the globe.

David was inspired to write these books based on his personal and professional experiences as well as his own contagious optimism. In most aspects of life he has been living his vocation of making others feel good about themselves, the world around them, and what lies ahead. David is a major proponent of optimism. He has served in a variety of roles to mentor others and assist people of all demographics in appreciating their current life as well as in building a foundation for the future.

David believes that we can all make optimism contagious just by sharing our life’s adventures. Whether you are experiencing good times or bad, just knowing that others have been in the same boat, and have persevered, is comforting and delivers a message of hope.


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