Nothing But Good News Radio: Let’s Spread Success

Hicham Amrani does not believe in quick fixes or half-solutions. Hicham’s drive for success is unlimited and fueled by a simple belief best expressed by Ralph Waldo Emerson: “All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better.”

Because he has a deep passion for success and its principles, Hicham is organizing a TEDx event in Montreal called “TEDx Westmount: Let’s Spread Success” ( Through this conference, his aim is to celebrate, highlight, and share success stories that will inspire and spread hope and faith in a bright future.

Media outlets have managed to maintain a ‘doom and gloom’ impression of the state of the world. While we are constantly informed of the unfortunate circumstances worldwide, there are some remarkably optimistic and motivating situations occurring that should be celebrated.

Hicham created TEDx in the spirit of discussing, spreading, and celebrating SUCCESS.

Join Kandee G and Hicham Amrani as they fill the airwaves with their tips on creating SUCCESS in your life.

Visit Hicham’s website and learn more about TEDx:

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