Nothing But Good News Radio: Freedom – What Does It Mean For Your Life?

The days speed by, the years fly. And while the calendar changes, oftentimes, we don’t.

If you’ve been feeling lost, unsure about where your life is going and wondering if this is all there is…

If you’re stressed, filled with worry and anxiety about an uncertain future…

If you want to live with more joy, abundance and confidence as you pursue your dreams…

Then you’ve arrived at the perfect place at the perfect time.
All of the life-transforming information you’ll discover during this show will help you to receive a sense of improved health and well being so you can more boldly explore your most passionate ambitions at this crossroads of your life.

Joining Kandee G this week is Angelika Christie.

Angelika Christie is an authority on Energy Healing and Holistic Health. After 25 years of dedicated service to her community in the Bahamas, Angelika has extended her reach beyond the Bahamas to fulfill her global vision for a new human consciousness. Her mission is to abolish the destructive presence of fear in people’s lives. Angelika says: “fear, anxiety and doubt are the greatest destroyers of happiness, freedom, and global peace.”
Learn more about Angelika:


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