Nothing But Good News Radio: Everything is Energy

Everything is energy: thoughts, matter, time, space, you, me – everything has an energetic frequency, and at the core, there is no separation of any kind. “Reality” is both a shared experience and an experience unique to every single individualized expression of source energy – or all that is.

YOU ARE the author and creator of that experience. The degree to which our creations overlap and inter lock are directly proportional to our shared beliefs, thoughts, ideals, and patterns, all of which carry a frequency or an energetic “story.” By changing our “story,” we change our reality, and thus, we change the world.

Joining Kandee G is Dr. Jarred Hewett.

Dr. Jarrad Hewett is an International Best-Selling spiritual author who seeks to empower others by sharing his personal humor and insight. Through his writing, he seeks to help others reconnect with their own inner guidance, wisdom, and peace.


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