Nothing But Good News Radio: Awareness is Essential for Change

James McPartlandLeading a life of purpose and fulfillment requires intimate knowledge of self, and the courage to act in a way that is congruent with your highest aspirations. Clearly defining your goals can be an invigorating experience especially when you become equipped with the tools that lead to execution.

What are you best in the world at? What are you famous for? Getting to spend the majority of time doing what you love to do, and are best at, is a winning formula for the majority of the most successful people in the world. Life is not about being well rounded, it’s about having very defined edges.

James “Mac” McPartland is an author, international speaker and wellness ambassador who served as president of a leading global fitness manufacturing company. He has been a leader in the health and fitness industry for more than twenty years. In this pursuit, he has studied the lifestyle trends and cultural views of wellness in over sixty countries.

James believes passionately that getting healthy is directly related to fulfilling one’s life purpose, so he developed a company focused on “Crosstraining for Life”Systems and a method for experiencing daily fulfillment. These strategies enable people from all walks of life to build a foundation based on vibrant levels of health and a sense of purpose that lead to living a rewarding life.

Join Kandee G and “Mac” for an exhilarating hour full of tips for defining your goals, getting healthy and living the life you deserve!


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