Nothing But Good News Radio: 5 Steps to Addiction Freedom

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Associations 2008 National Survey on Substance Abuse and Mental Health, thirty-seven million Americans are addicted to illicit drugs and alcohol.

David Roppo, an Addiction Freedom Coach, joins Kandee G to talk about substance abuse and how it affects not only the abuser, but those around them.

In this show, you will learn:

What the recovery industry doesn’t want you to know about addiction & why you can overcome it without ever leaving home.

Who said you have to give up alcohol?

The real root cause of addiction and why this elephant in the room is often overlooked and completely ignored.

The Tao of Addiction Freedom.

Why forgiveness is a critical component of addiction freedom & why most people have been mislead about its true meaning.

Don’t miss this powerful show about overcoming your addictions.


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