Nothing But Good News: Bust Bad Habits in Seconds

“Why has everything I’ve tried in the past to lose weight not worked?”

“Why can’t I seem to put that cigarette down for good?”

“Even though I want financial stability, why do I keep spending?”

“How do I get the passion back in my marriage?”

Instead of relying on luck or willpower, Tim Shurr will teach you how to create health, wealth, and peace of mind through conditioning yourself to overcome the odds and function at your fullest potential!

Learn how to:

• Break bad habits, remain calm under pressure, and avoid self- sabotage!

• Stay out of divorce court & bring passion back into your relationships!

• Overcome addiction, obesity, PTSD, and more!
Tim Shurr earned his B.A. in Clinical Psychology from Indiana University and his master’s degree (M.A.) from Valparaiso University. He is also a State Certified Hypnotist (CH) in Northwest Indiana, running a very successful hypnotism practice. Listen to the replay and learn how you can bust your bad habits!


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