Nothing But Good News Radio: The ABC’s of Money Parenting

We, as parents have a responsibility to be a positive influence on our kids’ financial future.

Money management is not taught in schools so it’s up to us to provide our kids with the appropriate financial tools.

Did you know that your beliefs and behaviors you have or are ignoring may be negatively shaping your children’s financial blueprint?

In this show, learn:

How you can pave the path for your children’s financial success and build your own wealth in the process.

How you can help design a future of abundance and opportunity for your kids, instead of debt and despair.

What specific tools you can implement now, to help form Empowering Money Habits for your kids.

Joining guest host, Hank Eder this week are money experts, Trevor and Robyn Crane.

Trevor has been at the forefront of the entrepreneurial community as a lifelong entrepreneur and business owner. Before the age of 40, he owned, operated and helped to build 4 successful multi-million-dollar companies in vastly different industries: marketing, advertising, tourism and environmental protection.

Trevor has created innovative techniques and strategies that help business owners get massive results in record time. These proven processes help make it simple for business owners to effectively MAKE MORE MONEY and GROW THEIR BUSINESSES – now.

In just five years, Robyn built a very successful financial practice, using unconventional techniques that incorporated elements of personal growth and financial planning. Due to the success of the systems that she created and the massive value that her clients received, Robyn has become one of the highest paid business and financial coaches in the world. Robyn continues to build her business and help others to do the same.

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