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Best of Nothing But Good News Radio: Seven Points to Build Your Brand

When you hear build your brand what does that mean to you? Your logo? Your website layout?

Common misconceptions about branding are that it’s just a logo. Branding is so much more than a logo or how your website looks. It’s what people think and feel when they hear your company name.

Building a brand in business is not only key to your success, but it can be extremely difficult, expensive and time consuming when done incorrectly.

Luckily we have branding expert, Bruce Turkel on the show to tell us his 7 points to building a strong brand.

For more information on branding, visit Bruce’s website – and

About Bruce:

Bruce has helped create some of the world’s most compelling brands including Discovery Networks and Miami. Bruce has worked with American Express, Charles Schwab, Citicorp, Hasbro, LanChile, Nike, Bacardi, Sol Meliá Hotels, Azamara Club Cruises and many more great companies.

A captivating speaker and author, Bruce has spoken at MIT, Harvard, TEDx, and hundreds of corporate and industry conferences. Bruce has been featured in The New York Times, Fast Company, Communication Arts, and AdWeek, and he has appeared on CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX, and NPR.



Best of Nothing But Good News Radio: Making Optimism Contagious

It’s so easy in life to focus on the bad, the negative. It seems to take effort for many to focus and accept positivity and be optimistic. Naysayers say they are just being “realists” when in fact they are living their lives in a negative space.

When you live a life of positive thoughts and optimism, amazing and wondrous things occur. Doors open that you never thought possible. People come into your life at just the right time. Abundance occurs.

Kandee G’s guest this week has been inspiring and uplifting people with optimism since his childhood.

David Mezzapelle is the author of the Contagious Optimism book series, a compilation of extraordinary stories from ordinary people around the globe.

David was inspired to write these books based on his personal and professional experiences as well as his own contagious optimism. In most aspects of life he has been living his vocation of making others feel good about themselves, the world around them, and what lies ahead. David is a major proponent of optimism. He has served in a variety of roles to mentor others and assist people of all demographics in appreciating their current life as well as in building a foundation for the future.

David believes that we can all make optimism contagious just by sharing our life’s adventures. Whether you are experiencing good times or bad, just knowing that others have been in the same boat, and have persevered, is comforting and delivers a message of hope.

Be sure and check out David’s book at

Best of Nothing But Good News Radio: Are You Ready For a New Life?

I wish I had….
I want…
I’m tired of…

We can all fill in the blanks with so many different things. The fact is, you can have, do, be whatever your heart desires.

Isn’t it time that you begin to experience all of the things you wanted to try but just couldn’t find the time for?

The first step to changing your life, is changing your words. How you talk about yourself, others, situations, etc., all contribute to the quality of life you lead.

If you are the person who would like your heart opened, your mind expanded and the ability through the law of abundance to attract the wealth, success and relationships you deserve then you NEED to listen to this show!

Joining Kandee G is visionary, Mark Becker. We are in a time of awakening. A time for rebirth, rejuvenation, and above all, living the life you desire. You deserve it. We all do. So join these two amazing teachers for a power hour guaranteed to rock your world.

About Mark:

MARK BECKER is the founder of the NEWLIFE EXPO, the Yoga & Raw Foods Expo, NEWLIFE Cruise-At-Sea, NEWLIFE Magazine, NY Yoga Magazine and NY’s first non-religious yoga center, Serenity, which Mark started in 1975. Mark’s mission is to raise humanity’s consciousness by providing wellness, spirituality, health, alternative medicine information and techniques to each being interested in becoming their best and evolving.

Best of Nothing But Good News Radio: Opportunity is Everywhere…if You Just Look For It

Frank McKinney author photoWhen Frank McKinney was asked to leave the third high school he’d attended, he found a 4th one, and graduated with a whopping 1.8 GPA.

At 18 and with $50 in his pocket, he left Indiana for what he refers to as his professional calling in Florida.

A few years later, he bought, fixed up and sold his first home netting $7,000. And that was all Frank needed. 25+ years later, Frank builds real estate where others dare not tread.

He sees opportunity everywhere…because he looks for it!

Opportunity is not going to come knock at your door. You have to find it. You have to create it. A true Renaissance man with a charming flair, he is without peer in the risky world of speculative high-end real estate, shattering price records with each new project.

Each of the estate homes Frank creates is a one-of-a-kind work of art, infused with vivid imagination and designed on a canvas of sun-drenched Atlantic ocean.

Accordingly, Frank McKinney is now known around the globe as a Real Estate “Artist,” and the creative force behind some of the world’s finest and most magnificent mansions ever built.

And that’s not all…Frank has moved on to become a 5 time best selling author!

This is a man who truly creates opportunities for himself.

Join Kandee G and Frank McKinney and be awakened to the world of possibilities.

Best of Nothing But Good News Radio: Eric Pearl

Dr. Mehmet Oz said he was “flabbergasted” at what he saw on his show. A woman who couldn’t lift her hands more than a foot from her hips for more than 20 years–and had tried every medical and alternative modality without success–could suddenly touch her fingers together above her head.

It happened because Dr. Eric Pearl clearly demonstrated the power of Reconnective Healing before millions of viewers!

Dr. Eric Pearl is back for another astonishing interview with Kandee G – fresh after being on the air with Dr. Oz!

What is Reconnective Healing?

Reconnective Healing is a comprehensive, yet simple and easy-to-learn, healing approach, which completely transcends “energy healing.” It accesses vibrational frequencies that are self-correcting by nature and are accessible to everyone. Dr. Pearl has taught this to more than 75,000 people around the world. Anyone can become proficient in Reconnective Healing in just two days-at the Hyatt Regency Miami, May 17-19– so they can aid others-or even their loved ones-and achieve the same results. Reconnective Healing frequently has permanent and long-lasting results for people, not just with range of motion limitations, but cancers, depression, AIDS-related diseases, epilepsy, chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, chronic pain and muscle aches, and more.

Who is Eric Pearl?

Dr. Eric Pearl was running a successful chiropractic practice in Los Angeles, when a series of bizarre occurrences led him to realize that his gift lay far beyond the realm of spinal adjustment. One patient after another reported healings from cancers, epilepsy, cerebral palsy and other severe health conditions, simply when Dr. Pearl held his hands near their bodies.

Seeking to understand what was happening, Dr. Pearl consulted with leaders in science, medicine, and spirituality – discovering they did not have the answers either. Supported by researchers affiliated with institutions such as Harvard, Yale, and Stanford, Dr. Pearl went on to pioneer studies on the healing frequencies running through him and their affects on people – which he came to term “Reconnective Healing” – a comprehensive healing approach, which completely transcends “energy healing” and it’s complex rituals and techniques.

Over time, Dr. Pearl also learned how to teach others to access these frequencies and, as such, to promptly and successfully facilitate healings for themselves and others. To date, 75,000 people around the world have been trained in this, Reconnective Healing.

The Reconnection founder, Dr. Eric Pearl, has been featured in top media including Dr. Oz, CNN and The New York Times; he has presented at leading venues including the United Nations and Madison Square Garden; and his internationally bestselling book The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, now in more than 36 languages, has been endorsed by notables including Deepak Chopra, MD and Wayne Dyer, PhD and is back for a second time on Nothing But Good News Radio.

Best of Nothing But Good News Radio: Are You a BEE?

What is a BEE? It’s the Blissful Entrepreneur & Evolving Superwoman. BEES are leaders; artists; healers; communicators; teachers; managers; caregivers; homemakers; mothers; decision makers; women in shelters; and, women from all walks of life, who are re-inventing and transforming their lives.

Jacqueline JLove Jackson joins Kandee G on the air to discuss her 7 principles of life. Together, they will give you clues to discover the truth of who you really are.

About Jacqueline JLove Jackson:

Jacqueline JLove Jackson publishes a quarterly magazine on total wellbeing entitled Bliss Attraction Magazine & BE Directory (at In 2012, Jacqueline self-published her first book, 7 Soul Seeds, and became a recipient of the 2012 Spiritual Entrepreneurs Visionary Award.

She is the founder of the 7 Soul Seeds Book Drive to Empower Women in Shelters. Her professional journey in the artistic and holistic wellbeing field began at the Smithsonian Institution and the Department of Health and Human Services.

As a minister, publisher, author, speaker and blissful living guru, Jacqueline is passionate about inspiring others to embrace their body, mind and spirit as one, and to activate the bliss of living an abundant life. Jacqueline JLove Jackson, was born in Wayne County, NC to Leora Jackson and Erving Perry. Support the 7 Soul Seeds Book Drive to Empower Women in Shelters at

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