Best of Nothing But Good News Radio: Think Yourself Young

Can life be greatly extended, aging postponed?

We talk a lot on this show about the Law of Attraction. If belief in a thing makes it so, then there must be a way out of the cycle of aging and death.When you abandon the “misperceptions of Life”, summon up the courage to face life’s simple fundamental truths, you can lead a more youthful joyous life by simply making the right physical, mental, and dietary changes to your current lifestyle.

Joining Kandee G is investigative journalist, Peter Baksa. Peter recently spent time in Beijing China at the Lama Temple living among Tibet- an monks. He wanted to gain insight into their secret recipe for making time stand still—and living a robust life well past 120 years of age.

In this show, Peter and Kandee G will discuss how you can reverse aging using the diet and rituals of the Tibetan Monks.

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