Best of Nothing But Good News Radio: Think BIG!

The Boston Globe calls Michael Port, “an uncommonly honest author.” The Wall Street Journal calls him a “marketing guru.” Canada’s leading business paper, The Financial Post declares the world needs more Michael Ports. But who cares about him? It’s what he’s doing for you that matters.

He wrote the bestselling Book Yourself Solid so you can get all the clients your heart desires. He wrote Beyond Booked Solid so you can stop trading time for money. He wrote The Contrarian Effect: Why It Pays (BIG) To Take Typical Sales Advice and Do The Opposite so you can sell with integrity, which was selected as the #9 Best Business Book for 2008 by the Editorial Board at as well as the best sales book for 2008 by 800-CEO-READ.

But now, Michael is thinking even bigger about his own work and how it will touch you and ultimately change the world. He finally wrote The Think Big Manifesto: Think You Can’t Change Your Life (And The World)? Think Again. It is his most provocative book so far. It’s not what you expect and he wrote it for only one reason: to rally us to think bigger about who we are and what we offer the world.


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