Best of Nothing But Good News Radio: Lead with Love

The most important word in the world is love, and in Lead With Love, Gerry Czarnecki brings us back to the importance of remembering this – and displaying it.

Gerry joins Kandee G to talk about the mnemonic “LEADERSHIP” and how it describes the ten principles required for the achievement of success.

If others look to you for leadership guidance or inspiration to achieve goals; then this episode is for you!

Gerry Czarnecki (also known as “The Leadership Czar”) is the co-founder of The National Leadership Institute (NLI), Chairman of the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) Florida Chapter, President & CEO of O2 Media, and the Chairman, CEO of The Deltennium Group, nationally recognized for offering leadership consulting, career coaching, financial planning and investment management services.

With over 40 years of experience as a leader, C level and senior executive in Fortune 100 companies (like IBM and Bank of America), privately held companies, closely held public companies and large and small non-profits, Gerry has been consistently committed to sharing his experience and vision by coaching organizations to achieve peak performance through effective leadership, focused strategy, superior organization and sound financial management. His enlightening management philosophy has led to the writing of his books: “Success Principles for Leaders”, “You’re in Charge…what now?”, “You’re a non-profit director…what now?” and his most recent creation, “Lead with Love”.


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