Best of Nothing But Good News Radio: Do You Have a Wheat Belly?

Davis-Wheat-Belly-2-300x226Obesity. Belly bulge. Diabetes. Insulin resistance.

These topics are the hottest topics in magazines, books, tv shows, etc.

Eat this, don’t eat this. Do this. Do that.

It’s all confusing and overwhelming.

Recently on Dr. Oz, the author of Wheat Belly, Dr. William Davis joins Kandee G on Nothing But Good News Radio.

If you want the usual “eat this to be heart-healthy” line, then this show is NOT for you.

Dr. Davis pulled the plug and exposed the truth behind the wheat industry.

“You won’t get any endorsements of new drugs for weight loss or cholesterol lowering, or gushing commentary on the newest defibrillator or heart transplant device from me. What you will get is plain talk about the largest dietary blunder ever made on an international scale: Cut your fat and eat more healthy whole grains. NO!

There is a germ of truth in this whole grain disaster: Whole grains are indeed healthier than white flour products–just as filtered cigarettes are healthier than unfiltered cigarettes. So should you smoke more Salems in place of your Marlboros? I don’t think so!”

So join Kandee G and amazing guest expert, Dr. Davis for a riveting hour of Nothing But Good News!

Check out Dr. Davis’ website and book:


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