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January 28, 2013

Nothing But Good News Radio: Accessing You

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rcTo most, Ricky Williams is nothing more than a football player; a statistic, or some sports guy who’s retired and played out, done with his personal contribution to society the second his jersey was hung up for the last time. But contrary to the expectation that bygone athletes have nothing left to share with the general public, here the story isn’t finished yet—the saga’s incomplete. Ricky has an artistic vision to paint within the souls of those in search of something different, something greater, and it’s in your best interest as a flawed human being—just like the rest of us, mind you—to stand back, listen, and soak it in. It’s a history told by a man unafraid of challenging himself to better the lives of teammates and friends. It’s the tale of a new-age philosopher’s journey.

During his life, Ricky began to notice a pattern. Everything he set out to do was easy and fun and expansive; until it wasn’t. Then it became a limitation. That awareness created so much clarity for him that he could see all the way into the depths of his being. What did he see? He saw a small bubble rising up to the surface; A question, “What is so fun about all of this for me?” Then another, “What would it take for more of the fun and less of the not fun to show up?”

Team up with Kandee G and Ricky and learn how to access you.

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January 21, 2013

Nothing But Good News Radio: What if Solar Energy was a Currency, and Not Just a Commodity?

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We think of solar energy as a clean renewable source of energy to power our homes, our offices and our economies. But what if we thought of solar energy as a currency – a medium of exchange, not just a consumable commodity to run televisions, computers or air conditioners? What could be possible?

Joining Kandee G on the show today is prosperity teacher, Ernie Chu.

In this show learn:

• Why solar currency is better than “money”
• How solar currency could be used to barter for services or goods
• How solar currency could be used to raise our standard of living

About Ernie:

In more than 35 years as an investment banker, corporate executive and entrepreneur, he has become a widely recognized expert on financing emerging growth companies. He has created more than $1.5 billion in market value for his clients. This abundance coach has evaluated thousands of business proposals and advised hundreds of emerging companies, serving as leader and business coach to nine early stage companies, with five of those companies becoming public companies. Chu recently served as Chief Financial Officer and business coach for a fast-growing interactive video service provider and licensor of a proprietary advanced video conferencing technology.

Now, through the Soul Currency® Institute, Ernest Chu is teaching others what he has learned, serving as both abundance coach and master business and life coach.

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