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July 28, 2011

Best of Nothing But Good News Radio: A Voice of Reason in a Diet-Crazed World

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Face it. Your food issues and weight problems aren’t just about what you’re eating, but why you’re eating in the first place. If you’re not eating to satisfy hunger, then why are you eating? Are you eating in response to other triggers, perhaps the time of day, appetizing food, boredom, or stress? Is food meeting other needs for you? Is that why you can eat too much but still not feel completely satisfied? Could this be the reason you’ve been struggling with your weight? Could this be the reason that diets just haven’t worked for you (or most other people)?

Michelle May, M.D., a physician and recovered yoyo dieter, empowers individuals to take charge of their life and end chronic dieting and overeating without deprivation and guilt. She delivers her crucial and timely message with energy, humor, and insight that transform the way people view weight management.

Join Kandee G and Michelle as they discuss ways you can become an expert in your own body.

July 25, 2011

Best of Nothing But Good News Radio: Wisdom of the Ages

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Ma Jaya teaches from a depth of wisdom and practicality which allows us to return again and again to turn over the words, and bring them into our moment. She is passionate about the importance of service, and is widely known for her compassionate work, serving those who are suffering, people living with AIDS, the homeless, the poor, and anyone in need.

Ma Jaya, is a distinguished spiritual leader, Yoga master, acclaimed artist and founder of Kashi Ashram a non-for profit spiritual community located in Sebastian, Florida, New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles. Join Kandee G and her truly inspirational guest, Ma Jaya, on Nothing But Good News radio.

July 21, 2011

Best of Nothing But Good News Radio: The Power of Business Relationships

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All too often when someone thinks of networking, they visualize going to a Chamber of Commerce meeting, having a few drinks some cheese and crackers and exchanging business cards.

They think that just because you gave them your business card, you are now in their network and are going to send them all kinds of leads.

What they don’t realize is, it takes work to nurture and grow that connection. So when they don’t hear from anyone, they get frustrated and say, “Networking doesn’t work.”

They couldn’t be any more wrong.

In this Best of Nothing But Good News episode, Kandee G talks with guest, Thom Singer.

Thom Singer is an expert in social networking and developing a personal brand. He has written seven books on the power of business relationships including the groundbreaking Some Assembly Required: How to Make, Grow and Keep Your Business Relationships.

Tune in and gain some insight on how to strengthen your business relationships.

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July 11, 2011

Nothing But Good News: Vic Johnson

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Vic Johnson is a Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida-based Internet infopreneur, author, motivational speaker and founder of a host of personal development websites.

Formerly the founder of a corporate and political communications firm, he has provided strategic consulting and planning to Governors, Members of Congress, Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations. His non-traditional strategies have been highlighted by major news outlets like the Miami Herald, Washington Post and national trade publications.

Talk show host Mike Litman called one of his sites,, “the hottest personal development site on the Internet today.” Subscribers hail from more than 90 countries and have downloaded over 300,000 eBook copies of James Allen’s classic. His other websites are found at,, and

Visit Vic Johnson online at

July 7, 2011

Nothing But Good News Radio: It’s a Toe-Tappin’ Good Time!

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Get your tap shoes on and get ready to tap those toes as Kandee G welcomes some amazing musical talent for a special treat on Nothing But Good News Radio.

Bobby Rodriguez is truly a “Renaissance man.” In addition to creating and producing the Florida Renaissance Festival, Bobby has been an award-winning actor, musician, singer, event and theatrical producer and director for more than 30 years. The Bobby Rodriguez Orchestra, an 18-piece big band, is a fixture on the South Florida music scene performing in front of thousands. He has acted in television hits such as “Miami Vice” and “21 Jump Street” and also on stage, in movies, and on radio and TV commercials.

Not satisfied with limiting his artistic outlets to these performing acts, in 1981, Bobby formed Bobby Rodriguez Productions, Inc. (BRP) a full-service entertainment and event company with a specialization in festivals.

Julia Dale is 10 years old. Some of her most recent theater performances have been Madeline’s Christmas (as Madeline) and Annie (as Annie). In addition to her theater roles and many charity events Julia has performed several times for the Miami Heat, Florida Marlins, Winterfest Boat Parade and for The Heavyweight Boxing Factory at Hard Rock Live. Julia also plays guitar and has been enrolled in ballet since the age of 2.

July 4, 2011

Nothing But Good News Radio: From Rags to Riches

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We’ve all heard at least one rags to riches story in our life. But what does it truly take to create our own rags to riches story?

Changing your life begins with changing your mindset. It takes work, it takes determination and it take support. But it can be done!

Kandee G went from being a broke, single mom down to her last jar of peanut butter to a successful entrepreneur, radio and tv host, author, speaker and now movie star.

Her guest, Nelson Bellido also has his own rags to riches story. Learn what it takes to create your own success story and get started on your path to abundance.