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June 27, 2011

Nothing But Good News: An Ending to Autism

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It is estimated that one in every 110 children is diagnosed with autism, making it more common than childhood cancer, juvenile diabetes and pediatric AIDS combined.

As a new parent, the first year brings with it the most milestones, incredible change and overall parenting bliss. But what if your new bundle of joy begins exhibiting some of these symptoms:

– No big smiles or other warm, joyful expressions by six months or thereafter
– No back-and-forth sharing of sounds, smiles, or other facial expressions by nine months or thereafter
– No babbling by 12 months
– No back-and-forth gestures, such as pointing, showing, reaching, or waving by 12 months
– No words by 16 months
– No two-word meaningful phrases (without imitating or repeating) by 24 months
– Any loss of speech or babbling or social skills at any age

A diagnosis of Autism could feel like a doomed sentence for your precious baby. But it doesn’t have too any more!

” My son, Kenneth, was diagnosed with autism at two years old. At five and a half years, we started biomedical intervention with him, consisting of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, mb12 injections, and glutathione. We also bought a mild hyperbaric oxygen chamber and started treating him at home for three hours each day totalling 90 hours each month. At age 8, Kenneth had a umbilical cord blood stem cell infusion (this is not embryonic stem cells). Kenneth started reading about 6-9 months after the first treatment and potty trained as well. At age 9, Kenneth had his second stem cell infusion. Kenneth’s IQ has gone up and he does not have any more autistic symptoms. He is a little delayed, but we feel he is catching up rapidly. ”

My guest today is Marty Kelly and she will share her journey as a mother of an autistic child and how stem cell therapy gave him his life back.

June 23, 2011

Nothing But Good News Radio: Teen Bullying

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Bullying among our youth is a significant problem–and it is steadily increasing. Many experts fear bullying has become so widespread and common, adults are blinded to its extensive harm.

In the recent “Ask the Children” report, a nationally representative group of 1,001 young people in the fifth through twelfth grades revealed the following staggering facts on bullying:

• Two-thirds were teased or gossiped about in a mean way at least once in the past month
• Over half have teased or gossiped about someone else at least once in the past month
• Almost one third have been bullied at least once in the past month
• Almost one quarter have bullied someone else at least once
• Almost half have been hit, shoved, kicked or tripped at least once
• Nearly 20 percent have been hurt physically five times or more

Today’s guest, Gay Lynn Williamson-Grigas, is an author, psychologist, educator and mother of five children. Gay Lynn has a Masters degree in Psychology and member of the American Psychological Association since 1992. Her most recent manual and training system Trigger-Proof Your Way To Success: 12 Tools to Keep Your Cool and Confidence, addresses the issue of bullying in school, at work, and teaches people of all ages how to successfully hold on to their personal power and keep their peace of mind.

June 16, 2011

Nothing But Good News Radio: Isn’t It Time You Got What You Wanted?

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Today on Nothing But Good News Radio, Kandee G turns the controls over to her trusty assistants, Tracey Tarrant and Jan Teegardin.

Kandee G is in California this week filming the sequel to her movie, The Journey. But we have some great stuff planned for you today!

Tomorrow (June 17) is Kandee G’s birthday! And to celebrate she’s launching her brand new membership site, iVisionMyLife. This groundbreaking, revolutionary new program combines expert inspirational coaching and technology, and puts YOU in the driver’s seat.

Today on Nothing But Good News, Tracey and Jan will be talking about how the program works, and we will have some special guest callers to share their amazing stories after going through Kandee G’s Vision Program.

And not to worry…Kandee G will be calling in from California to share in the excitement and fun!

It’s a don’t miss hour filled with inspiration, hope and most of all…FUN!

June 13, 2011

Nothing But Good News Radio: When Great Minds Come Together

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What happens when great minds come together? Amazing things! Today, two great minds are coming together to bring you inspiration, hope and faith.

Joining Kandee G is her dear friend, Don Boyer. Don has authored three mega selling books, produced The Journey Movie, featuring Kandee G, Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor and many more great people. Together Don and Kandee G are producing the sequel to The Journey.

Don’t miss it! Who knows what will be uncovered today when Kandee G and Don get to talking!

June 9, 2011

Nothing But Good News: Kandee G in the hot seat

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Hey Kandee G fans!! Some of you know me as Kandee G’s right hand gal. Well in this episode, I’m turning the tables on Kandee G. That’s right — the interviewer becomes the interviewee.

We are going to uncover the secrets to Kandee G’s success. We are going to talk about why having a vision is so important and why Kandee G is so passionate about helping others create their vision. We are going to hear her amazing story, and who knows what else will happen!

June 6, 2011

Nothing But Good News Radio: Feeling Stressed? Laugh it Off

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Life is constantly throwing us curve balls. We face stressors at home, at work, basically anywhere we go.

How we choose to deal with stress greatly impacts the quality of life we live. Stress can affect our mental and physical health as well as the way we deal with those around us.

Our guest today will tell us how to use humor to deal with changes, challenges, and not-so-funny stressful stuff.

Allen Klein, MA, CSP* (aka “Mr. Jollytologist®”) is an award-winning professional keynote speaker and best-selling author who shows audiences worldwide how humor can help them deal with everyday trials and tribulations as well as triumphing over tragedy.

Allen is the 2009 recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor.

Klein’s books have been published in eight different languages (English, Spanish, Danish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Hungarian, and Turkish) with over 500,000 in print.

Listen to the replay and get started laughing off your stress!