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March 31, 2011

Nothing But Good News Radio: A Follow-Up to the Oprah Show

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Ernie Chu first went to Brazil to see John of God in 2002. He was there to support a friend but ended up experiencing a healing of his own: John of God removed an egg-size tumor from his back. Ernie says he was given no anesthesia before or during the surgery, and he felt only a minimal amount of pain.

“In the beginning, when he actually made the incision, I felt a sharp pain almost like a paper cut,” Ernie says. “And then I didn’t feel anything after that.”

Despite the fact that the surgery was performed on a risky area (close to his spine), Ernie says he had no reservations going into it because he believed it would be a success.

Oprah Show producers spoke to Ernie’s U.S. doctor, who confirmed that Ernie did, in fact, have a tumor on his back that is no longer there.

“I think you can’t really explain it medically in terms of what we know,” Ernie says. “But we all know about the human body being more than just flesh and blood and bones. We know it to be a form of energy.”


In more than 35 years as an investment banker, corporate executive and entrepreneur, Ernie has become a widely recognized expert on financing emerging growth companies. He has created more than $1.5 billion in market value for his clients. This abundance coach has evaluated thousands of business proposals and advised hundreds of emerging companies, serving as leader and business coach to nine early stage companies, with five of those companies becoming public companies.

Now, through the Soul Currency Institute, Ernest Chu is teaching others what he has learned, serving as both abundance coach and master business and life coach. In his book, Soul Currency: Investing Your Inner Wealth for Fulfillment & Abundance, Chu identifies the spiritual equivalent of business success and redefines financial value, such as currency, into the organic aliveness of Spirit.

March 28, 2011

Nothing But Good News Radio: The Power of Personal Truth

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Learn how the transformative powers of personal truth helped both Blake and Rick stop self destructive behavior and redirect negative energies into positive, life affirming actions.

After James Frey authored A Million Little Pieces, a book that Oprah had highly endorsed; it was discovered by Smoking Gun that this was not James Frey’s life story as he claimed.

Listen to one of the real characters whose arrest report found by the Somking Gun helped to prove Frey’s novel as a lie. Someone who was indeed a classmate of James Frey. Blake Liebeskind shares the real story about how criminal charges (see Blake’s arrest report on Smoking Gun) and witnessing his mother’s death at the hands of an unethical physician helped him turn his life around and dedicate his energies to helping others receive ethical medical treatment.

Reflect on the power of community when Rick Finkelstein reveals his journey through addiction and recovery and what compelled him to write his collection of poetry that takes the reader through an interactive journaling process. Compelling, provocative, educational; this book is for anyone whose life has been touched by addiction.

Absorb the lesson of possibilities when these two people, Blake and Rick join forces in their desire to give back to their communities.

March 24, 2011

Nothing But Good News: For the Love of Art; Unleash Your Inner Artist

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Remember back in kindergarten when you painted almost every day –sometimes with brushes, sometimes your fingers? In grade school you went to art class and made clay pots and plaster faces. But what are you doing today to keep art in your life? Where is your creative outlet?

Today’s guest will inspire you to reach deep into yourself and unleash that creative being that lives within. She will educate you on the healing benefits of art and that art is made up of much more than paint on a canvas.

Sharon Lee Dillenbeck is an artist with a deep passion for what she does. An award-winning painter, Dillenbeck is also a teacher, an art business owner and remains dedicated to promoting the benefits of art at all levels of our lives. Through her 24 year ownership of the D & M Art Studio in Canton, Michigan she has worked with numerous students of all ages while also spearheading community-wide art recreation programs, art curriculum in local schools and colleges, and internet classes.

“Art is my passion. Sometimes I feel I will be gobbled up by it.” Sharon Lee Dillenbeck

March 21, 2011

Nothing But Good News: LIVE at Malbec Steakhouse in Weston!

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Nothing But Good News, Kandee G and the Women of the Roundtable comes to you LIVE from Malbec Steakhouse in Weston.

A One-of-a Kind Women’s and Now Men’s Exclusive Networking Group

The Women of the Roundtable are women of Courage, Honor and Dignity. We are a sisterhood of Love, Honor, and Connection. We exist to encourage one another, as well as, to help further the goals, aspirations, and relationships of other Women around the World. We strive to inspire, empower and enhance the qualities of women so that we can travel the road of excellence in our professions, personal relationships and our communities. Visit them on the web for more information. Click Here

March 17, 2011

Nothing But Good News: Trapped in a Transition

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In this episode of Nothing But Good News, Kandee G welcomed special guest, Gloria Burgess.

With all the drama we face during these tough times, its time we stop being distraught about the “WHAT” and concentrate on the “WHO”!!!

Gloria Burgess brings expert advice on how to move forward with determination, dedication and leadership. She uses the touching story of her father’s relationship with William Faulkner as a starting point to explore a classic topic: how to bring forth the character qualities of love, wisdom, trust, and, gratitude, creative action, vision, and integrity. Burgess declares the “sacred promises of legacy living” as part of a transformational process that helps us connect to our past by honoring those who came before us, living with intention in the present, and freeing our talents so we can realize our potential.

As an executive coach and leadership consultant, Gloria will give listeners some motivational tips, suggestions and advice on how to get through the transition period in a positive and productive way.

Visit Gloria on the web:

March 14, 2011

Nothing But Good News: Stop That Negative Self-Talk!

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It’s something everyone does and it’s one of the biggest reasons people don’t succeed in whatever it is they are endeavoring to accomplish. Negative Self-Talk.

It sounds like this:

I can’t

I’m not good enough

I’m to fat, lazy, broke, stupid, etc. etc.

Sound familiar? Well it doesn’t have to! Today on the show, Kandee G and Dr. Scott Rosiere, a clinical psychologist for abused children, will help you to get away from negative self-talk and will tell you why it’s so damaging.

You will be truly amazed at what happens to your life when you rid yourself of negative self-talk and replace it with positive self-talk. Join Kandee G and Dr. Rosiere for an empowering and life altering show!