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November 29, 2010

Nothing But Good News: Vic Johnson

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Vic Johnson is a Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida-based Internet infopreneur, author, motivational speaker and founder of a host of personal development websites.

Formerly the founder of a corporate and political communications firm, he has provided strategic consulting and planning to Governors, Members of Congress, Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations. His non-traditional strategies have been highlighted by major news outlets like the Miami Herald, Washington Post and national trade publications.

Talk show host Mike Litman called one of his sites,, “the hottest personal development site on the Internet today.” Subscribers hail from more than 90 countries and have downloaded over 300,000 eBook copies of James Allen’s classic. His other websites are found at,, and

Visit Vic Johnson online at

November 25, 2010

Nothing But Good News: You Can Make it Happen!

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You can sit back and think about everything you want in life and hope it comes your way…or you can MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Opportunity may come knocking at your door, but rarely does it happen if you don’t take action steps to create the path for opportunity to follow.

Our guest today is Dr. Dallas Humble of the Make It Happen Network.

Dr. Humble, the Founder of MIH Ventures, has written numerous articles published in professional journals and authored several books on business management and success principles. He is a strong advocate of proper nutrition and wellness and has been actively involved in the fight against childhood obesity. He has spoken to and consulted with thousands of his colleagues and individuals and on inspiration, personal development, motivation and business management. Often known for his Make It Happen Strategies, his positive messages have created hope, belief and a winning attitude in people from around the globe.

November 22, 2010

Nothing But Good News Radio: Hold Your Head High

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Success does not come to those with low self-esteem. You MUST hold yourself in high regard in order for others to do the same. Self-esteem starts within…and radiates out.

Dr. Joe Rubino is an internationally acclaimed expert on the topic of self-esteem, a life-changing personal development trainer and success coach and best selling author of 9 books and 2 Audio sets on topics ranging from how to restore self-esteem, achieve business success, maximize joy and fulfillment in life and productivity in business. An acclaimed speaker and course leader, he is known for his groundbreaking work in personal and leadership development, building effective teams, enhancing listening and communication skills, life and business coaching and optimal life planning. He is also an expert Network Marketing trainer, author, coach, leader and consultant.

Join Kandee G and Dr. Joe and learn some great tips on how to hold your head high!

November 18, 2010

Nothing But Good News:Take a Journey

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Come and take a journey with Kandee G! Joined by guests, Don and Melinda Boyer, creators of a groundbreaking new movie, The Journey, (for sale in the Kandee Store)

Don Boyer is the creator of the best selling book series The Power of Mentorship which now has 18 volumes and has more than 200,000 copies in the marketplace worldwide. Along with his wife Melinda, they have also produced 3 motivational films that featured international leaders like Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, Marie Diamond and Vic Johnson.

His passion is to help people reach their full potential and fulfill their dreams.

Melinda Boyer is an outstanding business entrepreneur, writer and speaker. She co-founded Real Life Teaching Inc. which created the best selling Power of Mentorship book series and produced two hit movies “The Power of Mentorship-The Movie” and “The Art of Business for the 21st Century” featuring such prominent leaders as Bob Proctor, Marie Diamond, Vic Johnson, and Lisa Jimenez.

Together this powerful trio will share inspirational messages to help you move forward on this journey we call life.

November 15, 2010

Nothing But Good News Radio: Feeling Stressed? Laugh it Off

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Life is constantly throwing us curve balls. We face stressors at home, at work, basically anywhere we go.

How we choose to deal with stress greatly impacts the quality of life we live. Stress can affect our mental and physical health as well as the way we deal with those around us.

Our guest today will tell us how to use humor to deal with changes, challenges, and not-so-funny stressful stuff.

Allen Klein, MA, CSP* (aka “Mr. Jollytologist®”) is an award-winning professional keynote speaker and best-selling author who shows audiences worldwide how humor can help them deal with everyday trials and tribulations as well as triumphing over tragedy.

Allen is the 2009 recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor.

Klein’s books have been published in eight different languages (English, Spanish, Danish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Hungarian, and Turkish) with over 500,000 in print.

Listen to the replay and get started laughing off your stress!

November 8, 2010

Nothing But Good News Radio:A Gratitude Movement

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Can you really change your life just by living with an attitude of gratitude?

Today’s guest sure thinks so!

Coach Shantel Springer is a Mother, a Wife, a Thought Transformation Coach and an International Speaker. Not to mention a woman who changed her life by creating a “Healthy Mind”. She coaches her clients on the restoration and reprogramming of toxic mindsets by using proven techniques of neuroplasticity, a process that restores and heals the mind. Coach Shantel believes that “you have to go there in the mind first before it ever shows up in your life.” Through proven techniques of meditation and prayer, she guides her students with her method of “Gratitude Shifting”. A radical process used to shift your thoughts from what you don’t want to what you fervently desire. “My mission is to start a Gratitude movement.”

Join guest host, Tracey Tarrant and Shantel Springer and find out how you can change your life by changing your mind.